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Mark Sehl


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Couple and Marriage Counseling



Marriage and couple counseling in New York City and Group Therapy.

Marriage and couple counseling:

I have been helping people for over 20 years through individual, marriage and couple counseling. I have helped couples and single men and women resolve their conflicts about relationships.

Is the sexual and affectionate part of your relationship missing? Would you like to recapture those times when you and your partner experienced loving, sexual moments? Have you told your partner that?

Would you like to learn to communicate and have acceptance and understanding as an outcome rather than ongoing arguments? Couples often seem to want to prove a point in an argument rather than understand the other person's feelings. Changing your style of communicating can lead to a more satisfying relationship.

Affairs: It is not uncommon for one partner to have an affair at their spouse. Resentments build and instead of directly communicating dissatisfactions, the person leaves a trail of evidence (emails, hotel bills, text messages) pointing to the affair. Direct communication can replace destructive behavior but that needs to be learned.

As you read this some things may feel familiar to you. You are not alone. Most people have conflicts about relationships. For example, in a relationship one could have a conscious wish for a meaningful relationship, but unconsciously there are other impulses that interfere with working toward that outcome. If these conflicts remain out of our awareness it is difficult to resolve relationship problems. Counseling can resolve conflicts by bringing them out in the open.

Self-help books-can they help? They do help identify problems as common to being human and through reading people feel less alone and self-critical. However, since there is "counter will" alongside intention, reading alone will most likely not address the problem.

Call me and give yourself and your partner a chance to learn to build positive communication skills. If you are concerned about how conflicts in your relationship are affecting your children, come in for a consultation. I have even worked with parents and their infants where the infant and parent (s) benefited. An once of prevention is certainly worth avoiding misery down the road.

If your partner does not want to come for a consultation, come in by yourself. This increases the chance of your partner coming.

Group Therapy-New York City

Learn about yourself through group therapy! Have you ever thought of joining a group to develop your self-confidence, be more comfortable in social situations, and learn to be more spontaneous in your interactions with others?

Why group therapy:

Group - A safe environment to learn to say what is on your mind without being judged. Often the fear of being judged interferes with functioning. Learn how to be self-confident in a group setting.

Performing arts:   group therapy is effective in working with stage fright and  performance anxiety.

Career advancement:   Do you often look back with regret about not asking for a raise or assuming more responsibility which would advance your career? Talking in a group can help you become less inhibited.  

Relationships  - learn to be assertive with your partner, family, boss, and take control over your life. Did you ever have the regret that you did not just go up and say hello to that guy (or girl)? Have you missed opportunities to discuss problems with family members because you were scared? Group can help.

Substance use:    a place where one can look at substance use to see if it is making aspects of your life unmanageable.  

Get to know how others perceive you and how you perceive others. For instance, you may not think you are an attractive nice person but others perceive you that way. How come? You often feel on the outside of a group, never participating while others seem to participate effortlessly. What stops you from participating?

Call me to set up a consultation to find out how you can benefit from group therapy.

Call 212-228-3467 or  email me
to arrange a consultation.

Calling is recommended, but I will reply to your email. If emailing please include "therapy" in the subject field.


I work with individuals, couples, and families of all ages, gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

If you have been experiencing stress because of:

  • Depression: Persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness, loss of appetite, inability to sleep, difficulty functioning
  • Anxiety: Feelings of dread; experiencing fear and worry making it difficult to function to your capacity
  • Difficultly making decisions; having problems with making decisions gets in your way of moving forward
  • Creative blocks: Not being creative even though you know you have potential
  • Career problems: Feeling unfulfilled in your chosen career or not achieving as much as you can in your career; having a hard time finding what you want to do in life
  • Relationship problems: Are you unhappy in your relationship? Do you find yourself in relationships which do not give you what you want?
  • Or are you feeling something is wrong and can’t define what it is but you know something is not right?

What can you do? You don’t have to live  your life like this. I work with people from all walks of life to help them achieve more satisfying relationships, gain confidence and assertion, and become successful in their chosen careers.

Call me. Setting up an appointment is a positive action that will bring you relief.

My office is conveniently located near the A, F, C, Q, V, 1, 9, and 6 and 4 trains as well as near the PATH train at 6th Ave. and 9th St.



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Help with Addictive Relationships and Codependency Relationship counseling

Areas of Special Interest

I have extensive experience helping people work through creative blocks in writing, painting, and the performing arts.

The following services are available:

Is coming for therapy a strength or a weakness?

Often people who see me for a consultation have been suffering for some time, have considered therapy, but have postponed this decision because they felt ashamed that they need help.

Shame can be a crippling emotion which frequently interferes with the capacity to have success in work and relationships. Putting words to feelings of shame is a step toward becoming more confident and less inhibited.

Beginning therapy is not a weakness, but a courageous, positive step toward changing repetitive unfulfilling behaviors into a life with more gratification in work, sex, and play.